Magnificent 7 hiking trails.

Hiking trails on site vary from easy to moderate in difficulty.

Eland trail: duration 3 km's
Starting on the driveway, turn right at the sign after the security gate on the Berghouse driveway, the trail loops back to where you started, look out for wildlife along the way, especially the Eland.

Cascades trail: duration 3km's
Starting on the driveway continue in the direction of the Eland trail, the first track to the left after the little bridge across the stream turn left, keep left onto a trail all the way to a stream and cascades, keep left at the Leopards Trail sign head back up to where you started on the driveway.

Leopards trail: duration 6km's
Continue down the driveway from the Berghouse security gate for approx 400m, turn right at the Leopard trail sign continue along the trail cross a small stream, continue for approx 1 km, turn left at the junction and at the end of the tree line, continue to the driveway and back to the cottages.

Otter trail and Zig Zag trail: duration 12 km's
Follow the Eland trail via the Cascades and Leopards trail, turn right at the junction of tracks, head down the road all the way to the Tugela river, follow the sign in the valley bearing left continue along the path all the way to the Zig Zag sign, turn left and head uphill back to the Berghouse and Cottages driveway.

Echo Valley: duration 7 km's
Walk along the Berghouse driveway for approx 1.7 km's to the Echo Valley sign, turn off left and continue into the Echo Valley to the Quarry, head down the road turn right after the stream to the Berghouse driveway, cross over the driveway and continue for approx 2 km's, then head along the same track up the Zig Zag route to the Berghouse driveway and back to the cottages. NB: Do not hike alone as this is a remote part of the property, best to be accompanied by at least one other person(for more info regarding the waterfall discuss in the reception prior to your hike)

Summit hike: duration 3.5 km's
From reception continue uphill through a wooden gate pass the green tanks on the hillside, continue up the hill until you summit, turn right and head for the highest point on the hill. Excellent elevated views of the Berghouse and Cottages as well as 360-degree views of the entire Drakensberg Central and Northern region. Walk along the high point headed away from the Berghouse to a gate on the extreme right side, go through the gate(fence like gate) and visit Blignauts Koppies a.k.a hillocks, enjoy the awesome views over the Echo Valley and the Tugela river valley. Return the same way.

Krantz hike: duration 2.5 km's
Head uphill from the reception, turn down the road left and continue to a gate(Please close the gate at all times) head right up the hill to the first dam wall, cross over the dam wall and head up the Eland path along the bottom of the Cliffs/Krantz, summit at the end of the path continue right and uphill until you reach a jeep track, continue right along the track around the top of the dams until you are directly above the green tanks below, head down hill through the gates back to the reception and cottages.

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