Experience the Drakensberg, Country Style!

Holiday accommodation drakensbergExperience an invigorating mountain atmosphere with outstanding Drakensberg views from the windows of your cottage.
This private destination is situated high up in the Northern Drakensberg foothills on a 1600 acre estate.

Restore the essential you! As you soak up the 270-degree views of the gnarly, ancient and ragged Drakensberg Escarpment.
Our prized feature is that of the World famous and iconic Amphitheatre Mountain.

You may be lucky to experience the views of the highest waterfall in Africa and the second highest waterfall in the world, only during the summertime after a storm on top of the mountains.
Enjoy the exquisite sunsets from an amazing viewpoint, as you sit feet up, wine glass in hand.

From this property you will also be treated with views of the Central Drakensberg all the way to the Cathkin Park and Monks Cowl peaks, as well as Champagne Castle, described as nothing less than spectacular.
The famous Amphitheatre mountain, home to the highest waterfall in Africa and second highest on the planet is a spectacle not to be missed. Clear views of the waterfall may be seen from the Berghouse and Cottages during the rainy season, in the summertime, that occurs from November to March. The water drops down from the Escarpment lip 947m below in 4 steps before reaching the valley floor below.

Royal Natal National Park can be found beneath this massive mountain feature. The well-known Gorge walk can be accessed from the park, this 7.5 kilometre hike along a well maintained path will deliver you to the Gorge, you will be in awe at the magnificent cliffs of the Gorge, as well as the massive rock wedged between the two cliffs that make up this Gorge. If you cross the stream and walk for approximately 60m you will find a view point that looks directly onto the waterfall. Be sure to take a camera with you and don’t forget to pick up a map at the visitors centre, on the maps you will find the names of the different peaks as well as a description of the shorter hikes in the park.

Wildlife occurs in this UNESCO World Heritage site, to name a few,  Eland(Large antelope) Bushbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Duiker, Grey Rhebuck, Common Reedbuck as well as Chocma baboons to name a few species. While on your hike look out for the Veroux Eagle as well as Cape Vulture and if you are lucky, the very rare Bearded vulture soaring up above. Lots of other species of birds occur, bird lovers, and remember to bring your bird books and binoculars.

The Berghouse and Cottages is conveniently situated from an access to other areas of interest, being within an hour drive from a Big 5 game reserve, Eastern Freestate namely Clarens, the Golden Gate National Park and Central Drakensberg.

The hike up to the top of the Amphitheatre Mountain via the Sentinel car park and chain-ladders is a box to tick that is on a par with seeing the big 5 in Africa, this route can be easily accessed from the Berghouse and Cottages. The 1.5 hour drive, a 2.5 hour hike to the waterfall, an 8 hour round trip back to the Berghouse and Cottages has been enjoyed by many hikers on many occasions from all over the World.