Drakensberg winterChanging Season for the Drakensberg

Autumn meets Winter with an amazing contrast of colours splashed throughout the landscape of hills and mountains. Birds and bees move swiftly through the vegetation, gathering enough food for the long winter ahead. Antelope are seen sunning themselves late into the afternoons on the Northern slopes, soaking up the warmth before the sunsets in the afternoon.

The skies turn into a crimson canvas, colour splashed across the skies, then suddenly the colours fade, grey turns to a solemn darkness and the black of night. Tranquility, unmatched, the stars brighten up the Universe and the mountain silhouettes, Nightjars sing and Owls hoot, "the sounds of silence".
Country cottages tucked into the countryside, overlooking the Northern Drakensberg mountains, hidden among the trees and shrubs, warm light emanating from the windows, plumes of smoke from the chimneys as the log fires keep our guests warm as they prepare for a cold autumn winter evening playing games around a table while sipping a glass of their favorite beverage. Peaceful beyond words.

Early morning mist fills the valleys reflecting the rising sun, birds and bees busy themselves in the trees, warm light floods over the landscapes, a sharp bark from a distant baboon meets the day.