The Berghouse and Cottages | Rock Pool

Designed and built with the help of a landscape artist, many sandbags were used to help shape the rocks, then 4 tons of steel crisscross the entire swimming pool, 500 pockets of cement mix packed carefully into the steel re-enforcing created a robust structure to withstand the weight of 130-kiloliters of water.The rock pool was built to enhance the landscape and emulate the rocks and boulders that occur on the mountainside beside the pool.

The artist cleverly mixed colours into the cement, including simulating mineral deposits that occur naturally in the mountain pools in the Drakensberg mountains. We planned an infinity concept where the pool overflows from a waterfall and cascade, water flows over the rim and then recycles over the waterfall and cascades again.

Views of the Mighty Amphitheater mountain, as well as the full panorama of Spires across the entire Northern Drakensberg and Maloti mountains, are simply breathtaking!The pool has been designed in such a way that parents can keep a watchful eye on their children swimming, the rule for the use of this facility is strict that children of all ages are supervised by their parents. Strictly no glass is allowed into the pool.No children are allowed on the wall of the infinity.The site chosen to place the pool is away from the cottages and fairly well sheltered from the prevailing Northerly winds.